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Who am I, you ask?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

My name is Lucia Lehrer…(Lu)

I would like to share with you some of my amazing revelations. They came to me as life experiences. Pull up a chair. Recently just turned 66

How does it feel?

No opinion on age. “I AM” and that is all that matters.

What I do with it is another story.

My life, from birth has been a struggle.

Never felt wanted , never felt loved, and never had moral support.

Oh yes! it fucked me up more that any one can imagine.

A self centred narcissistic mother who’s favourite sentence opener is

“You know me”……………..Boy do I.

An abusive foul moth father, who bowed to every one of her commands.

Occasionally slamming into her, from frustration.

I was the punching bag..Both physically and mentally.

I have no authority to tell you what you should do.

I will never use the word YOU.  ‘I” can only tell you what ‘I’ would do.

Its’ up to us to accept  our outcome.

I was bullied, I was molested, I was abused.

Divorced twice. Boyfriends that I scooped from the bottom of the sewers.

I was used by every dreamer, because I wanted to believe in humanity.

Yea. ‘I AM’ a victim of life..

Street smart, wise beyond my own imagination

And very willing to be here for YOU!

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