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Who can we trust?

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

A tall, kind of shy young man entered my home.

He responded to an add I placed on Facebook. I needed someone close to home that can help me to get my books out on line. a Marketer with experience, drive and ambition.

Someone who is somewhat experienced in internet marketing and is willing to work close with me.

I know what I want, but I’m not able to execute by myself.

I quickly realized that it was out of his element but I didn’t mind as we can learn together.

I explained to him what I need as far as work. That I needed commitment, and that I can’t be disappointed anymore. I lost a lot of money, and more, confidence that there are honest workers who will help each other.

It’s painful to have all these young lazy thieves take advantage of me.

He assured me that he was very exited to start work on the project.

Since he never worked on such a scale before, I offered him $2000 to start and continue on a weekly basis.

I was generous. He almost had a heart attach when I made him the offer.

First meeting gave me hope. He loved the project and he was eager to go home and do the research. and he left holding $700 and huge smile on his face

Second meeting he came with some ideas on opening a Shopfy website.

I already started to suspect that he’s not all that he needs to be, but I needed to be fair and give him a chance. We all have bad days.

I noticed that his attention span, is as long as it takes you to change a channel.

He came over a few times... Always yawning every few minutes, tired and complaining of lack of energy.

Watching him trying to work took away my will to continue.

He took notes. But he must have them in the car. Nothing we discussed was executed the way it was intendant to be.

It took him a few times to get the right pictures in the order that I had requested. I prepared a USB with everything but the kitchen sink.

I’m literally scratching my head as I'm writing.

Wrong sequence, wrong size pictures. It looked as if it was done by a kinder-garden child. Not to mention the dialect and spelling.

His excuse “I’m not English”.

I realized that there is no way this will work out, but at this point he had $1700 of my hard earned and saved money.

I was prepared to pay him upfront, so he can see that I’m serious, and encourage him.

He didn’t pay attention to costs of advertising, and I was charged double my budged.

His explanation? “I made a mistake, what can I do’? ....

You can reimburse me. I’m not made of money.

I literally waisted close to 3K with absolutely nothing to show for it.

You can’t get water out of a stone.

I took a few days off to move. I let him know that during this time he can do some research. After all, it’s what on online marketer is payed to do RESEARCH!.

Once I was ready to continue, I reached out to him, only to find out that he didn’t do any research. His excuse “I was busy”..

He send me an e-mail, with an attitude that left a thick led bulit in my mouth.

As of now he retreated from the project, using covid as an excuse ...which doesn’t bother me a bit.

But he needs to do the descent thing and reimburse me.

Is it the pandemic that will destroy the economy?, or these lazy, entitled, spoiled, young people who grab your money, your dreams, and with a click, you become invisible to them.

The project is called “TheTeachings Of Looseeloo”.

It took me 8 years to create. I met tons of these losers that robed me blind. Thousands of dollars and millions of tears, and still not giving up.

Here is my recommendation:

“If you use your money as toilet paper, you’ll get more out of it, then giving it away to this sleeping beauty”

Scammer, thieve

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